Betta Fish Information - Top 5 Mistakes Quantity Of Betta Owners Make

Betta Fish Information - Top 5 Mistakes Quantity Of Betta Owners Make

As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And truer words were never spoken when you are looking for betta fish disease. Because it is so much easier to help keep your finny friends happy and healthy than it might be to cure them of what ails them. Assuming of course you may also figure out what ails them to begin with.


Oh despite the fact that we're regarding the topic water ditch any notions possess to that drinking water is good. It's not. Zero minerals do essential to achieve healthy betta make. So stick with conditioned or aged regular city water. Your fish will be "betta off" pardon the play on words preference do.


All associated with fish fruit. You want your pet fish store to become your one-stop purchase all fish needs, especially food. Keep in mind that different kinds of fishes have different dietary requirements. Are usually several vegetarian, omnivore and carnivore types.


Thirdly, you'll NEVER, One more time NEVER put a male Betta within another male betta fish, frame of time! Otherwise, they will fight to the death (this is why they furthermore known as Siamese Fighting Fish!). So by not keeping males together this will reduce fighting astronomically.


One thing that they do during breeding season is create nests with their saliva bubbles. In betta fish care , the males could be of great help inside this long way. It's pretty cool to watch, as they dance, and sway to draw in the attention of the females. A part of the fathers duties are to take care of the chicken eggs. They will protect the eggs by holding them in their mouths.


So to the gravel and water refreshing. Use a turkey baster to material gravel scum. Do this as frequently you look at it. As far as the water, change it out every one to two days and add just a little aquarium salt to result in the water less hospitable for bacteria.


There are tanks and betta bowls that become all sizes, one gallon tanks, two gallon tanks, ten gallon, twenty gallon and on and on. Some are round, some are wine glass shaped, some are square and whilst others are almost any shape imaginable. A lot depends upon the number of fish you might be getting, your physical location placing the tank and in case there possibly be other fish in the tank with each of your betta.


Also in order to kissing fish, these types of gourami provide lip gameplay. There are two varieties, a pale flesh-toned pink, in addition a green broad. They are the least showy of the gourami versions.