Why WordPress Security Plugin Is Better Than Manual Method.

Why WordPress Security Plugin Is Better Than Manual Method.

The situation become even more think-worthy when every week Google recognise and block more than 50 thousand phishing websites. While WordPress core software is safe enough to prevent minor attacks but you should take help from add-on services to safeguard your site. You can also implement manual way by altering setting at your site.


In this post, we will look at the manual method and its efficiency in comparison with automated WordPress security plugins. By the end of this post, I hope you will be cleared on the advantages of security plugins over manual method.


Manually securing your site is an efficient and pocket friendly procedure to secure your site but it lacks some major updates and that's why often hackers find their way to damage your site even after manual locking up of your site. Let's first look at the simple ways to harden your WordPress site manually.


How to Manually Secure wordpress security ?


Customize the default Username: You can customize your default username, 'admin' to a different username. This will secure your site from brute force attacks. Being a blogger, keeping username to the default is the most impractical process. It is easiest to guess by hackers. You can change username from 'admin' to a custom username in three ways:


Delete the older username and create a new one.


Install any WordPress Username Changer plugin.


Change username by updating phpMyAdmin.


At the time of Installation of WordPress, switch to custom username option.